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Dedicated Server Qazaqstan, in 5 minutes!

Fill in the form and get in the CP from all the providers of Kazakhstan on the dedicated server. You can reduce the time and to find the right suggestion, therefore it gives you more information. The network does not provide services of dedicated server; it just publishes information about official providers which give you this service.

Dedicated Server - Qazaqstan

Let's get started to make the calculations of the Dedicated Server

First of all we have to pay our attention on the fact that the calculations were made by real project. The customer was looking for the solutions in the organization of the infrastructure for his public application. The customer calculated the amount of users and the required capacities; it is according to the specifications of the software manufacturer, which are based on the least efficient. The customer already had his own server room which was fitted by the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the customer decided to request CP on the Dedicated Server from the provider for the possibility of receiving the optimal decision.

The specification for the apps

Servers App (Intel Xeon 2.6 GHz 12 core, RAM 32 GB, HDD 3x300GB SAS)

Servers DB (Intel Xeon 2.6 GHz 12 core, RAM 64 GB, HDD 3x300GB SAS)

NAS (24*600 Gb SAS, кэш 64 ГБ, 8 х 8G FC)

Networks (Dual Port PCI-e 8 Gbps FC)
Routers (24 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Mb/s)

didicated server project

General Project of the
Dedicated Server

The cost of iron

Moreover, the prices are different from the manufacturer to the distributor. However, these numbers were minimal for the customer at that time of the request of the CP.

images iron dedicated server
price dedicated server

The price of dedicated server

These numbers the customer have taken when they have received a price of computing capacities. The customer took all the capacities from the specification for physical servers and transferred them to virtual resources.

TCO - Dedicated server vs IaaS

TCO — (Total Cost of Ownership) -the common value of the target expense for possession the purchased equipment by the Customer.

How the customer found out that?

The purchase of equipment: $ 27,000 was divided into a cloud of rental per month: $ 1,350 ia a point of payback of your own equipment at the level of 20 months.

dedicated server vs iaas

TCO — (Total Cost of Ownership) the cloud for a period of 5 years is cheaper dedicated server for $ 36,450.

Needless to say, these calculations are not right. By the way, we have an expression like “a cloud”. You should know that the dedicated server is an out of date service, nowadays the much more beneficial is IaaS.  

How we have to calculate?

We have to look at this fact. The servers which was bought by customer it can not work without infrastructure. Furthermore, it was not planned to contain this infrastructure.

In addition, the equipment demands the service maintenance and administration. In the overall, a great deal of additional specifications, which we will keep that in mind in the future.

The menu of specifications:

For understanding the calculations.

At the moment we do not have enough time to know a plenty of facts about the process of introdusing of the bussiness apps. We must know some facts that overlook 80% of people. The lease of virtualization, like any other service, to demand the comprehension, let’s understand! 


The hardware of reservation - for a virtual server

The customer is knowing the prices for the rental of resources, he has calculated the volumes of the reservation, however when you are going to rent the virtual servers, you do not need to do this. The customer should not to think about reservation of infrastructure, this is the problems of the provider (service provider).

The general scheme is losing its urgency, so we have to buy just two virtual servers and LUNs.

virtual server lun

We recounte the specification which is based on the reservation and can make a conclusion: the difference is 8 600 $ per month.

Not everybody has the success of a virtual server

Any purchase of iron is carried out with a stock of productivity for the future. We mentioned this last time. When you are going to lease a virtual service, there is no need to take it with a stock. Nowadays, we can increse the capacity of the server or increase the amount of LUN without problems. Attention! You should not confuse between this service and a service of VPS (you do not have a possibility to change the resourses VM).

Thus, the first year took 30% of all capacity, it is even a lot, hence the customer is convinced later.

The conclusion is not so incredible, moreover, the next time will get worse!